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Arrrf Arrrf!

I love to shit my pants

  • Me: Daddy, am I ever too needy?
  • Daddy: All Littles are needy, princess.
  • Me: Yes, I know, sillybutt, but am I TOO needy? I ask for juice and snacks and bath and hair brushies and back rubs and playtime and for you to put my phone on my charger and-
  • Daddy: Did you ever think maybe I need to do those things for you? That it helps me, too?
  • Me: No, but-
  • Daddy: Did you ever think maybe Daddy is a Daddy because he needs to feel needed? He needs to take care of someone and feels incomplete when he can't?
  • Me: No, but-
  • Daddy: Shh baby. Yes, you're needy, but Daddy needs you to be needy. Daddy is needy for your neediness. Understand, needibutt?
  • Me: Yes, Daddy. May I have juice please?
  • Daddy: No.
  • Me: WHA-?
  • Daddy: Just kidding baby. Daddy will get you juice, AND a snicky-snack, AND put on a movie. You snuggle your stuffie and be pretty. Daddy loves you, darling.
  • Things I want a Daddy to do without being prompted.



    #1:Tie my shoes.

    #2. Hold my hand when out in public.

    #3. pet my head when we hug or cuddle.

    #4. Tell me when I need a Nap.

    #5. Bring me my Paci when I am watching tv.

    #6- kiss you whenever
    #7- dress you every morning
    #8- tuck you in and read you stories
    #9- play games with you
    #10- be your 1st and last line of defense


    Several days ago and today.

    I feel like I have a nebula on my ass


    Last night was eventful. I was euphoric..

Big mess


    Big mess


>:( there was so much poops


    >:( there was so much poops